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  Ambra Mattioli Art Performer, Musician, Writer, Painter, Cabinetmaker Designer

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Aladdin Insane David Bowie Tribute

Harpies and Elements


Ambra Mattioli says of her work, “flying creatures with human characteristics really do exist”.

The images here are only part of the story she says smiling. She explains retelling in a soft voice the events narrated in a book which has long fascinated her: Le Cronache di Etzebur, by Alessandro Maggiora Vergano, published by “Editrice Selearte Moderna” of Milan in 1976.

An archaic branch of the human species, many centuries before man learned the art of writing, flew in the ancient Armenian skies. The oral tradition of the nomads of Kurdistan still tells of an ancient tribe of winged women which terrorised the shepherds of the high planes sending

every kind of evil and misfortune to those who crossed them...

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