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  Ambra Mattioli Art Performer, Musician, Writer, Painter, Cabinetmaker Designer

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"When Ambra talks about her harpies" by Guglielmo Savini

When Ambra talks about her harpies, or rather her, “Winged sisters” as she likes to call them her  face lights up  and her eyes glow. Like others who are interested in her work I have asked her why she has chosen – if it is a choice – to paint in intense and unusual colours fantastic settings; settings which refer to a past epoch, - one which never existed – and why call her delicate female figures ‘harpies’, when in the common understanding ‘harpy’ is synonymous with a feminine figure that is both ugly and evil natured.

 I have often noted in Ambra what seem to me similarities with the figures of her paintings, and when half joking I asked “Did they really exist?”…… “What do you say, do they exist today?” …… she gave me a slight smile. Ambra does not respond to such questions. A tall woman with delicate features who moves lightly,  she shifts her attention to her paintings...